Online Harassment Activity

Online Harassment Activity

As part of the Speak Up Stand Up! Campaign (find out more here) we want to form a working group of Ambassadors to help co-produce material exploring the subject of personal safety with regards to online harassment.

Our exploration of personal safety with regards to online harassment will be through a series of short videos, which can be openly submitted by students and staff to the project’s Facebook page. These short clips will explore the following – ‘what is online harassment? What is the impact of online harassment?’

Online harassment is a growing concern for universities, with social media widely used as a vehicle for harassment and hate-crime.  We are looking for a group of Ambassadors passionate about tackling this type of harassment and fostering a positive and respectful culture online.  Through this activity you’ll work together to help refine the project itself and will also have the opportunity to contribute to its content.


To identify and explore all forms of online harassment and to consider the impact online harassment may have on individuals and marginalised groups.


Our aim is to develop an understanding of different forms of online harassment (sexual, racial and bullying) with a group of Ambassadors, whilst also doing so across the student and staff body at the University of Manchester. Our outlook is to develop different aspects of the video project with a group of Ambassadors. You will also be invited to co-produce content to the project if you wish to.


We have already held an online harassment group meeting, however, we’ll be running a development session on Friday 27th April, 4.30pm – 5.30pm, meeting at the Students’ Union Front Desk. During this session we will develop the campaign and share ideas on how to progress its different aspects: artwork for social media, format of videos, promoting the campaign to students, getting students involved etc. To attend – click here.

Time commitment

We expect you to commit a total of approximately 2.5 hours for this activity: 1.5 developing the project and 1 hour for producing a material/video for the project (if you wish to do so).

Skills & experience you’ll develop:

  • Public speaking
  • Team work
  • Project Management
  • Develop your understanding of diversity & inclusion
  • Time management skills
  • Boost your CV

If you are interested and want to get involved please sign up to the following session via this link – click here.

To find out more please email Lewis Toumazou –

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