Why is my Curriculum White? Event

Why is my Curriculum White? Event

Take a break from your exams to explore a topical subject in higher education at the moment – inclusive curricula and decolonising the curriculum movement. Click here to find out more.

This event has been organised by a group of Diversity & Wellbeing Student Ambassadors and will consist of 2 short film screenings: ‘Absent from the Academy’ and ‘Why is my Curriculum White?’ After there will be a debate and discussion from a panel consisting of Academics, Staff and Student Representatives and a Q&A from the audience.

To register please do so via Eventbrite – click here.

Panel Members:

– Patrick Johnson, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Manchester.
– Riddi Viswanathan, Diversity Officer at the Students’ Union.
 Dawn Edge, Academic Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the Division of Psychology & Mental Health.
– Deej Malik-Johnson, Campaigns & Citizenship Officer at the Students’ Union

Catering – the evet will be catered, providing pizza and soft drinks.

Location – It will taking place at the Club Academy in the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union (located in the basement of the Students’ Union).

Time & Date – the event will be taking place on Tuesday 15th May at 4.30pm – 6.45pm.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Oaqk7qqNh_c